Sand Maryland

Fine White Sand for Commercial and Home Use

Our company, Maryland Materials, sells sand in bulk quantities for commercial and residential use. It is a fine white sand that’s mined in the ground, screened, filtered, and washed. If you’ve ever seen sand from the West Coast of Florida, our sand will remind you of that. It’s fine, fresh, and clean.

Delivery and Installation of Sand

We deliver our sand directly to your premises. We can also go a step further and deposit the sand in a specific location on your property, like a playground or a golf course. The minimum order size for delivery and/or installation by our company is 2 tons (about 20 wheelbarrow-loads).

Pick Up Sand at Our Facility

Or, you can pick up the sand in any quantity at our facility in Dickerson, Maryland (done by appointment). Our facility is about 4 miles west of Interstate 270 in Maryland. For the address of our facility, please phone us. We always stock large quantities of our white sand loose, in piles. We have a large loader that can fill any sized vehicle you bring us, from a dump truck to a pick-up truck. Depending on the time of year, the sand may also be available in 50-lb. bags.

More Information About Our Sand

For more information about our sand, there are many ways to contact our company. You can click here or phone us in Maryland at (301) 840-0707 or toll-free at (877) 840-0707. You could also fill out our Contact Form on the right-hand side of this page, or just send usĀ an e-mail. To fill out a detailed estimate request, please click here.