Washington DC Sand Services

Our Company Delivers and/or Installs Sand Products

Our company supplies sand across the entire District of Columbia. We can also install sand on your premises, depending on the quantity (for example, on golf courses or volleyball courts). If your current sand needs replacing, we can also remove and dispose of existing sand.

Quantities of Sand

Our minimum order size is 2 tons. This might sound like a huge quantity, but sand is much heavier than it looks; a ton of it fills 7 or 8 wheelbarrows.

Sand Pricing

Our fine white sand costs $130.00 per ton.

Delivery Pricing

Delivery of up to 8 tons in the District  probably costs $200 – 300 iu the District. This may vary depending upon the degree of ease of access to the premises and time of day that delivery is required. For pricing on delivery, please contact us,  complete the contact form on the right-hand side of this page, or request an estimate.

Installation Pricing

Our company call install sand on your premises, like in playground sandboxes and golf course sand traps.  Our installation team uses shovels and wheelbarrows, and sometimes motorized Georgia buggies. The price of installation is usually $50 per ton (in addition to the price of the sand and delivery), but the price varies depending on factors like

  • your geographic location in the District (our sand facility is located about 20 miles northwest of D.C., in Maryland)
  • the angle of the ground in and around the installation area
  • the presence of obstacles, like steps and  fences
  • how close a dumptruck can get to the installation area (note: we prefer not to drive our vehicles on soft surfaces like grass)
  • time of day your require installation
  • quantity of sand to be installed